City of Sulligent

  (205) 698-8546
City Contact Information

City Contact Information

Name                          Department    Telephone Number    Email


J. Scott Boman                      Mayor                    205-698-9111               

Gary Mosley                         Manager                205-698-9111               

Suzanne Ives                        Admin/Magistrate 205-698-9111               

Kathy Lockhart                    Water Dept.           205-698-9111                                                                         
Larry Cox                               Street Dept Sup.   205-698-9111

Alan Carter                            Sewer Sup.         205-698-9111  

James Guyton                       Water Sup.            205-698-9111

Louis Hollis                           Park Director        205-698-9111
Willis Stanford                      Police Chief          205-698-9111  
Council                       Department


Cynthia Summerville            Park & Recreation

Bobby Metcalfe                    Fire & Rescue

Thomas E. Blaylock             Streets

Robert Boman                       Police & Library

Mike Franklin                       Water & Sewer


Please contact your council representative directly for questions regarding their specific areas of over-sight. If you need assistance contacting a council member, please contact City Hall at 205-698-9111, or you may call directly to report problems or register complaints within the city.


Normal Business Hours


M-F    7 am to 5 pm

Excluding Federal & State Holidays




To Contact the Sulligent Police Department, call 205-698-9111 during normal business hours. After hours, please call 205-695-7103 or dial 911 and an officer will be dispatched to your location promptly.